Youth Programming

Paying it forward to the next generation is at the heart of our ethos

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Preparing for life after high school

Whether preparing for the military, national service, academic studies, or entering the workforce, self-expression is an invaluable tool. Confident communication lies at the heart of all successful careers (not to mention our personal lives!) and getting into good habits early on makes a huge difference when entering adulthood.

The tools to succeed in the "real world"

Girls and boys often benefit from customized educational programming; while the desired outcomes are the same, the approaches may differ. As such, co-ed and gender specific programs are both available.

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Customized for each educational setting, these practical, hands-on workshops range from four to eight sessions, including:

  • Telling your personal narrative

  • Presenting analytical information

  • Making a persuasive argument

  • Storytelling

  • “How-To” lessons

  • Interview skills

  • Designing compelling visual aids

What they have to say

"Maya created a workshop curtailed to our group of young teens, as they were embarking on their first work experience. Every part of the workshop was relevant for their age group, maturity level, and for the program. She is charismatic, and a pleasure to work with! It was highly substantive and the teens were engaged fully the whole time!" - Gavi Lankin, Crossroads

"I really enjoyed how interactive this was and I learned a lot. Thanks!"

"I really like this but feel like it needs to be a class, not 1-2 hours. So you can study a topic, present, get feedback, improve, and repeat - because practice makes perfect."

"I think that it is very important for women and men for different reasons, but if presented in the right way, learning about both perspectives can be helpful for both genders."

Happy Teens