What people say

Prof. Avi Weiss, President, Taub Center

Although she had no economics training, Maya was able to grasp all of the research done at the Taub Center at a very deep level. She would sit with the researchers, understand their work with lightening speed, troubleshoot with them and challenge them intellectually, asking difficult questions and bringing out the best in each of them. The researchers regularly sought her out as a sounding board and benefitted greatly from her insights. Maya did this with me also, working with me regularly on my presentations and making suggestions that helped improve my lectures.

Tamar Friedman Wilson, Taub Center

It’s so clear to me that navigating people through public speaking, and generally presenting themselves publicly, is a natural calling for Maya. She is able to give feedback in such a productive, helpful, and human way. I'm appreciative to have been on the receiving end of her expertise and I’m glad that she is going to spread it to other lucky people, especially women and girls.

Avi Mayer, AJC

Maya is a consummate professional, well respected by colleagues and clients in a vast range of fields, both in Israel and the United States. Having seen her present in a variety of settings, I can attest to her striking ability to capture an audience’s attention and imagination, imparting both wisdom and skills with aplomb and grace. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in advancing his or her leadership or professional development.